SonoHysteroSim™ is a SonoHysterography Simulator.


SonoHysteroSim™ is an innovative, high fidelity simulator designed for training clinicians to the Sonohysterography

This procedure provides enhanced endometrial visualization during standard transvaginal ultrasonography and it is a relatively safe procedure for the evaluation of endometrial pathology. It can be used to evaluate patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding or infertility. SonohysteroSimâ„¢ offers real time imaging of the endometrium during standard transvaginal ultrasonography, shows a potential abnormalities for which further imaging is required, defines a routine for transvaginal imaging of the uterus during saline infusion. For that purpose, SonohysteroSimâ„¢ allows training in the procedure e in the interpretation.

SonoHysteroSim™: Sonohysterography Simulator.

The SonoHysteroSim™ package includes:

  • control Notebook (Instructor Interface)
  • external LCD Display (Learner Interface)
  • case containing the simulator that reproduce the female anatomy equipped with all the sensor needed
  • intravaginal ultrasound probe
  • speculum
  • syringe
  • clinical cases::
    • normal
    • polyps
    • fibroids
    • endometrial atrophy
    • endometrial adhesions (or scarring)
    • malignant lesions/masses
    • congenital defects

To complete the simulator set-up, the user has to add a real sonoisterography cathether (not included in the package)

SonoHysteroSim™ is a product from Accurate, a company blending international experience, scientific research, engineering and development of truly effective hi-tech educational solutions in the medical field.

CLINICAL USE DISCLAIMER: SonoHysteroSim™is licensed for use for educational purposes only. SonoHysteroSim™ is not intended for clinical use. Accurate srl patent.


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